Unlimited Mixing

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Detroit audio engineers redefining the pursuit of sound

Troubled by the high overpriced services provided by studios in the Detroit area, Audizer was formed to provide solid sounding mixes to artists, musicians, and labels around the world through a modern streamlined process.

7 Day Free Trial

Try Audizer for 7 days risk-free and see what we can do for your songs. We’ll work one track and send it back to you to review, completely free of charge.


Step 1
Build Your Mix
Use the Build Your Mix tool to send your song
Step 2
Send the files
Upload your stems in a .zip file and send via Dropbox or WeTransfer
Step 3
Files Received
Audizer receives your file and a project is set up
Step 4
Mixing & Mastering
An Audizer engineer is assigned to your track and begins mixing and mastering
Step 5
Listening Session & Send Off
Audizer engineers peer-review the track and send it back to you for review
Step 6
Artist Review
Review the track and let us know if anything needs to be tweaked
Step 7
Final Approval
Confirm that the mixdown is just the way you want it


Per Month

Unlimited Mastering Only
Unlimited Revisions

44.1hz .wav & 320kbps .mp3
7 Day Free Trial

Cancel Anytime
Standard Support



Per Month

1 Mix & Master
3 Revisions

44.1hz .wav & 320kbps .mp3
7 Day Free Trial

Cancel Anytime
Standard Support



Per Month

Unlimited Mixes & Mastering
Unlimited Revisions

44.1hz .wav & 320kbps .mp3
Cancel Anytime
7 Day Free Trial
Audizer Distribution & Promotion


Examples of our mixes

About Audizer

What is Audizer?

Audizer is a Detroit based company on a mission to create awesome sounding mixes for the modern musician who is consistently writing and recording music.

Who is Audizer for?

Audizer is for new and seasoned artists, bands, labels, and anyone seeking a phenomenal mixing experience.

How does this differ from other online audio services?

Audizer is the only online audio platform that that offers unlimited mixing services and revisions of your songs.

What is the difference between mixing & mastering?

Mixing is more than just adjusting the volume levels of individual instrument and vocal tracks, it is the complete and in-depth EQ, compression, and analysis of each track to engineer a clear and balanced song. Mastering is the process of finalizing the mix for distribution and consistent end-user listening.

Who is working on my song?

Your songs will be assigned to an Audizer team mixing engineer. Our team of audio professionals have combined industry experience of over 20+ years.

How soon until I get my song(s) back?

One song can take up to 7 days. Two-five songs can take up to 2 weeks. Five-ten songs can take up to 4 weeks.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime through the “My Account” page once you have signed up.

How is this so affordable?

Audizer is powered through it’s unique subscription model that allows us to pool funds together to employ a full-time team to handle you and your songs.

What is Audizer Distribution & Promotion?

Audizer distribution and promotion utilizes DistroKid Label and gets your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Tidal, Amazon, and dozens of other audio distribution platforms with the support of the Audizer promotional team. You keep 100% of your sales and royalty earnings and they can be taken down at anytime.

Additional Questions? Contact us!


Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We will do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible. Include any details of your inquiry in the body of the email such as order number, payment date, etc.



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